Are you a slave to adrenaline?

AdrenalineIf the above apply to you, you probably like action and actually need pressure and stress to get you going. This is fine as far as it goes, and if you recognise this in yourself, you’re likely to be good in a crisis, clear-thinking and focused when under pressure and able to make decisions fast. But stress can be addictive – the more you have, the more you need. The adrenaline that your body produces stops you from realising how tired you are and, if you do get tired, you’ll need to produce more adrenaline to keep you going, and so create even more pressure on yourself. You may rush into situations without giving them enough thought; you may get impatient, aggressive and competitive, and as time goes on, your attention to detail deteriorates, as does your memory, your decisiveness, your capability and, eventually, your health.

Exercise, relaxation and making a conscious effort to slow down can help, but everyone is different and you’ll probably know what helps you to stop.

What can you do?

  • Make a concerted effort to stop periodically and think about what you are doing
  • If you must leave a task to the last minute – know when the last minute starts!
  • Plan some ‘slow time’ and routine into your day, every day
  • Don’t take on too much – you’re feeding your addiction
  • Excercise or relax at least once a day to wind down
  • Let other people help you – ask them and give them space
  • Recognise times when you’re going into overdrive – and make yourself stop
  • Don’t do everything yourself – managers exist to manage as well as well as to do!

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