Are you inflexable?

Inflexibilty image

If the above applied to you, you are likely to be able to plan very well, and stick to it.  Your attention to detail is probably good and you don’t let yourself or anybody else down.  All of this is excellent until the plan goes wrong, which can throw you into anxiety and a feeling of powerlessness.  As a team leader, your best laid plans can be easily ruined – by the demands of the works itself and the demands of other people.  Your expectations of yourself and other people may be too high.

What can you do to improve

  • Aim for ‘good enough’ rather than ‘perfect’
  • Plan ‘flexible time’ into your day
  • Don’t expect other people to like you
  • Be prepared for changes to your plan
  • Accept the way things are rather than the way they should be
  • Give other people more leeway
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself

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