Tony Horsfield

Tony develops senior managers and coaches in a wide range of organisations. With a professional background in engineering and wide experience of  financial services in the UK and Asia he brings a drive and wealth of experiences to his clients. He specialises in the design and use of media and has worked as senior content commissioner for both Pearson and News Corporation. One of his current assignments involves coaching senior managers on an accredited leadership programme. He has worked with the private, public and not for profit sectors.


Specialties: Design, development and delivery of learning programmes, senior management development, publishing, executive coaching, management development, sales and marketing, agricultural engineering.

Coaching and mentoring gives me great satisfaction as I can help people decide on the right direction to take and then see them succeed. We use 4Leaders to help individuals find out more about themselves and get a better perspective on what others think of them – the insights provided by 4Leaders make an excellent basis for coaching and mentoring discussions.”