Results Management

The course looks at motivation and improvement and how to manage for results. It will help you understand how to motivate your staff and look at the link between rewards and results as well as how to handle and use the disciplinary and grievance process. This course helps you balance the needs of individuals and the requirment to achieve results.

It consists of a downloadable Concept book in magazine style with 16 articles on all the key principles and theories and a dowloadable 60 page Application workbook that gives you techniques to apply in your work.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Determine the nature of the managing for results role
  • Assess the impact of internal organisational factors on the way you carry out your responsibilities to achieve results
  • Integrate key thinking on motivation with the task and the organisational setting
  • Interpret areas where gaps between individual expectations of organisational benefits and their perceived reality affect performance
  • Explore the nature of the rewards that individuals expect and link them to the results that are expected of them
  • Analyse situations where your efforts and those of the team are thwarted by disagreements about how best to tackle a job, and by direct attempts to break the agreed organisational procedures and rules
  • Explore new ways of balancing the varying needs of individuals and the team when managing for results